Providing a clear and well-lit photograph is essential to ensure you receive a high-quality portrait of your pet. The term "photo" originates from the Greek word for "light." The quality of the lighting directly impacts the quality of the resulting photograph. The following tips will help make sure you have an excellent image for us to create your Custom Pet Portrait :

Pet Photo Tips

Bright light

For better photo quality, take a new photo or select an existing photo of your pet that has been taken outdoors in direct sunlight or indoors with a bright white light of 7 000 and 10 000K.

Quality camera

Please use a professional digital camera or a recent smartphone with great photo features to get better results.


Avoid the usage of filters which can give us difficulty in accurately drawing your pet's coloring.

Full face & neck

The whole face and neck should be visible to the camera with no shadows.

Pet sitting pose

The best way to capture your pet's unique personality and traits is by getting them to sit still and look at the camera while you take the photos.

Pet accessories

Please remember that your final Pet Portrait will not include accessories like a harness, collar and leash. If you want to keep any pet's accessory included in the photo submitted, please let us know in the order comment section.

Photo examples


• Pet looking at camera
• Eye-level photo
• Excellent lighting
• Whole face & neck are visible


• Pet laying down
• Not looking at camera
• Angle face


• Angle face
• Poor lighting
• Heavy shadows
• Cropped ear


• Pet too far
• Too blurry
• Can't see details

Uncertain about the quality of your Pet's Photo?

Email it to us at, and we will keep you posted. We know that not all of our customers can follow the suggested guidelines when submitting photos of their pets, particularly in cases where the pet has passed away. Rest assured, our pet portrait artists will do their best to create a fantastic portrait of your pet with the photo submitted in most cases.